Visit A Tanning Salon To Get A Natural-Looking Tan Without The Risks Of UV Exposure

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If you like the look of tanned skin but want to avoid sun damage and the risk of skin cancer, consider going to a tanning salon. You can get bronzed skin without the need for sun exposure or a tanning bed. Instead, you can opt for sunless tanning. Spray tanning involves spraying your skin with an ingredient that turns your skin a darker color without the need for UV exposure. Here's how it works.

15 August 2023

Graphic Tees: How To Incorporate Them Into Your Daily Styles

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A graphic tee is any kind of short or long-sleeved t-shirt that has lots of designs, imagery, and verbiage on it. This is a common style of shirt that younger people wear for fun and to express themselves, although adults also wear these shirts during their downtime or casually as well. A graphic tee can feature your favorite band, animal, restaurant, movie, or place, nearly anything you want. There are several brands and styles of graphic tees, such as Daydreamer LA graphic tees, that you can choose from.

9 November 2022

A Few Things You Probably Did Not Know About Cosmetology Programs


People generally are not aware of how a cosmetology program works. They do know that you can learn a lot about hair, make-up, and skincare, but there are other things about these programs that you may not know. A few of these things may surprise you, while others might make you nod and say, "Yes, that makes sense." Here are just a few examples regarding the unknown or uncommonly known things as they relate to cosmetology programs.

25 January 2017

Why You Should Consider Becoming An Esthetician

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There are a lot of career fields that you could choose to go into, but one of the most fun and rewarding is becoming an esthetician. In case you don't know, these are professionals who specialize in the art of human beauty in every possible facet. They can do everything from making a person's hair shine to giving facials to nail design. And, while there is some schooling and hard work involved, most people find being an esthetician to be a very enjoyable career field.

10 January 2017

How To Wash Your Wig

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Wigs, much like your real hair, will get dirty, can get oily from touching it and can get a smell to it depending on what you have been around (such as smoke). You would wash your real hair, so you should wash your wig as well to remove the built up dirt, oil and smells. Unlike your real hair though, the hair on your wig won't grow back, so it's important to be gentle with it.

29 December 2016

How To Match Your Perfume To Your Mood

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When it comes to your makeup and your clothes, do you wear the exact same thing every day? Are you always in the same shade of lipstick or the same dress day after day? Of course, not! You change things up based on your mood, how you feel, and what you have to accomplish during that day or what you hope that the day will bring. And, just as you wouldn't wear the same old clothes every single day, you shouldn't wear the same old scent every single day either!

29 December 2016

2 Awesome Reasons To Have You Hair Stylist Help You With Your Clip-In Hair Extensions

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If you have recently purchased clip-in hair extensions for your hair, then it can be a really good idea to go into your hair stylist to get help with them. Your hair stylist will have quite a bit of training when it comes to both clip-in and permanent extensions, and they will be to provide different services for you. This article will discuss 2 awesome reasons to have your hair stylist help you with your clip-in hair extensions.

21 December 2016