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To me, fall is the most beautiful season of the year. During this amazing time, I love to travel to a nearby mountain town in order to look at the colorful leaves on the trees. Besides shopping for new clothes, I also strive to update my makeup when the weather gets cooler outdoors. I prefer wearing pastel colors of makeup such as pink, peach, and lavender during the spring and summer months. However, when fall arrives, I like to start wearing darker, richer shades of color such as red, burgundy, and amethyst. These darker shades of makeup complement the black, chocolate brown, and gray colors of fall clothing in my closet. On this blog, I hope you will discover smart tips to help you update your makeup collection for fall. Enjoy!

Working In A Medical Clinic: 3 Tips To Choosing The Right Type Of Anniversary Wedding Band

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Medical clinics are full of germs, especially if the clinic you work at handles high volumes of patients throughout the day. To prevent germs and bacteria from spreading, it's your duty as a receptionist, nurse, or even physician to make sure that you do your part and be wary of your own activities and even your own clothing. If you're married, you'd be surprised at just how many nooks and crannies can be found on wedding rings. This article looks at 3 tips that you should keep in mind when choosing which anniversary wedding band to wear to work on a regular basis.

Avoid Bands with Precious Stones Embedded in Them

Although anniversary wedding bands with precious stones, like diamonds and rubies, are especially precious, you should steer clear from these types of rings if you work in a medical clinic and would like to wear your anniversary wedding band on a daily basis. It's easy for bacteria and germs to hide within the crevices of the setting places for the precious stones. This allows bacteria and germs to be spread much more easily. Choose anniversary wedding bands with as few stones as possible. Bands made from just solid metal are generally preferred.

Stray Away from Bands with Too Much Details Engraved on Them

Since wedding anniversary bands with precious stones embedded in them aren't a great choice for those working in a medical clinic, some people opt to have initials, phrases, and other types of details engraved into the bands instead. While this may seem like a good idea at first, keep in mind that bacteria and germs are incredibly small. It's easier than you think for these germs to hide within the crevices of the engravings. If you must have the anniversary wedding bands engraved, make sure that the engravings are located on the inner surface of the ring.

Choose Bands Made from Brass or Copper

If you haven't already, familiarize yourself with the oligodynamic effect that some precious metals possess. Some metal ions actually have a toxic effect on living cells, like fungi, algae, and bacteria, and will actually impede bacterial or viral growth, as they actually sterilize themselves after a certain period of time. Brass and copper, in particular, have been known to possess a rather observable oligodynamic effect, which makes anniversary wedding bands made from those compounds ideal for those working in a medical clinic. The metals do not condone bacterial or viral growth, and will not spread germs from patient to patient or around the clinic as easily.


Wear disposable gloves whenever possible and whenever handling patients. You should also make a habit of cleaning and sanitizing your hands often. Keep hand sanitizers around you, and use them often. This will prevent germs and bacteria from being able to live and cling onto the surfaces of your hands until they get deposited onto another environment or another patient. For more information, visit websites like http://goldmarkjewelers.com/.


4 November 2016