Updating Your Makeup for Fall

To me, fall is the most beautiful season of the year. During this amazing time, I love to travel to a nearby mountain town in order to look at the colorful leaves on the trees. Besides shopping for new clothes, I also strive to update my makeup when the weather gets cooler outdoors. I prefer wearing pastel colors of makeup such as pink, peach, and lavender during the spring and summer months. However, when fall arrives, I like to start wearing darker, richer shades of color such as red, burgundy, and amethyst. These darker shades of makeup complement the black, chocolate brown, and gray colors of fall clothing in my closet. On this blog, I hope you will discover smart tips to help you update your makeup collection for fall. Enjoy!

Tired Of Hearing, "Who Was That?" How To Cover Up An Old, Unwanted Tattoo

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Ah, youth! Sometimes, the silliest decisions are made when people are just barely considered adults. Decisions that, during your middle-age years, make you look back and wonder, "What on God's green Earth were you thinking?" If this sounds like you and your decision to get a tattoo of your first love's name, you don't have to keep explaining who that person was to every new person you meet. Get rid of that unwanted tattoo. Here are a few ways to do it. 

Cover it up with another tattoo

Cover the tattoo with another one. Go to several tattoo shops and tell them what you would like to cover your tattoo with and see what designs and recommendations they come up with. If you already have a particular design in mind, ask the tattoo artists if it would be possible and if you need to have lightening treatments done beforehand. 

Depending on the thickness of the lines and the color of the ink that was used, you may get better results if you lighten the old tattoo with laser treatments before you get a new tattoo over top of it. The number of laser treatments to effectively lighten your tattoo will depend on how dark it is and the size of it. If your tattoo is simple with no thick lines, you may not need to have any lightening done. 

Hide it with scarification

Scarification is purposefully creating scars that will change the appearance of skin and the way old tattoos look. It's considered a form of art and may be done by tattoo artists. The pigments of the old tattoo may not be covered up entirely by the scarring. The age and depth of the pigments in your old tattoo will make a huge difference in whether or not the scarification will be effective enough. Keep in mind that scarification is considered far more permanent than tattooing, for obvious reasons. Therefore, only get scarification done by someone with experience in using this form of body art to cover old tattoos. 

A combination of a cover up tattoo and scarification is also a way to, essentially, hide unwanted tattoos of loved ones you no longer want to be reminded of an a daily basis. Speak with a tattoo artist in your area about the possibilities and choices available to you for your particular tattoo and what you would like to have instead. 


18 November 2016