A Few Things You Probably Did Not Know About Cosmetology Programs


People generally are not aware of how a cosmetology program works. They do know that you can learn a lot about hair, make-up, and skincare, but there are other things about these programs that you may not know. A few of these things may surprise you, while others might make you nod and say, "Yes, that makes sense." Here are just a few examples regarding the unknown or uncommonly known things as they relate to cosmetology programs.

25 January 2017

Why You Should Consider Becoming An Esthetician

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There are a lot of career fields that you could choose to go into, but one of the most fun and rewarding is becoming an esthetician. In case you don't know, these are professionals who specialize in the art of human beauty in every possible facet. They can do everything from making a person's hair shine to giving facials to nail design. And, while there is some schooling and hard work involved, most people find being an esthetician to be a very enjoyable career field.

10 January 2017